Don’t Ignore The Squeaking – Get Your Brakes Checked!

Feb 17, 2020 |

You are driving along a quiet stretch of road, and you notice that your brakes are starting to squeak each time you slow down or come to a stop.

If you continue to hear this squeaking sound whenever you drive the car, then you should not ignore that sound, and come to BestDrive Helensvale, where we can fix the brakes of Gold Coast customers.

Normal squeaking noises

It is not unusual for drivers to notice their brakes are squeaking when the road is wet, or if there is a lot of heavy rain.

This is standard for brakes, which tend to squeak as they become wet.

However, if the noise is not going away, or you start to hear a grinding noise, then you need to have your vehicle checked.

The cause of the squeaking

What is happening when your break squeak, is that the calliper, which normally has a brake pad to soften the blow, is pressing very closely upon the rotor as it brings the wheels to a halt.

When your brake pads wear out, there is a squeaking sound because the calliper is not being softened, and is pressing hard against the rotors.

Other causes

Another cause of the squeaking may be that the car rotors have become rusted or damaged.

This means that they are not moving smoothly, so when the callipers land on them, there is enough friction to cause the squeak.

This problem can be resolved by BestDrive Helensvale mechanics when you come to our car shop. 

The risk of brake failure

When your brake pads are wearing down like this, they could result in the rotors being damaged, which is a much more expensive repair, or you could suffer complete brake failure, which can result in an accident, or have you pulled over by the cops and fined. 

Time for a service

What your squeaking breaks mean is that you need to bring your car to BestDrive Helensvale for a full inspection and service.

This will prevent you from risking your brakes, or discovering you need all of your callipers and rotors replaced. 

Book an inspection today

When you want expert mechanics to look at your brakes near the Gold Coast area, BestDrive Helensvale are the best choice.

You can send us an enquiry message, or call us about an inspection for your vehicle on 07-5631-8160 today. 

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