M143 Tyre

The M143 is a tubeless, 70 series highway-rib truck/bus tyre suitable for all axle positions. The M143 has a wide tread width, wide shoulder ribs and a flat crown radius for optimum handling & wear qualities.

Key Features

  • Wide-belt construction and a solid stable outer rib contribute to long and even wear.
  • New generation design promotes long tread life.
  • Five rib, zig-zag pattern with deep tread depth.
  • DSOC IITM technology optimizes design for even wear and long life.
  • Four Steel Belt Construction (all 19.5 sizes) braces the tread area for improved mileage, resistance to irregular wear and reduced rolling resistance.
  • Stone ejector grooves minimize stone retention to maintain casing integrity.
  • Advanced casing design and compounding for extended casing life and retreadability.

Performance Category: Commercial

Available Sizes

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Tyre Brand: Toyo

Tyre Name: M143