M122 Tyre

The M122z is a five-rib, all-position highway tyre that boasts excellent directional stability, heat resistance and long tread life. The M122 is designed primarily for trailer axles.

Key Features

  • Five-rib tread pattern - Excellent wet and dry traction and directional stability.
  • Wear resistant tread compound - Long tread life.
  • High elongation top-belt and stone ejectors in main circumferential grooves - Superior retread-ability.
  • Wider circumferential grooves compared to superseded product (M120z) - Improved resistance to aquaplaning, especially with <50% original tread depth.
  • Flatter casing profile and wider tread width compared to M120z - Improved traction and resistance to irregular wear.

Performance Category: Touring

Available Sizes

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Tyre Brand: Toyo

Tyre Name: M122