Car Brakes – How To Give Yours A Long Life

Apr 2, 2020 |

Can you make your brakes live longer? Does it mean you have to treat them like priceless coral?

Or, is there a simpler way to give your brakes a long life so you don’t have to have buy brakes on the Gold Coast every year?

We here at Best Drive have a few tips to help you extend the life of your brakes without having to drive like a parade float in a country fair. 

Ease Off the Accelerator

You probably saw this tip coming, but it is the people who are quick to accelerate and the people who run at faster speeds who put the most pressure on their brakes.

The fact is that if you didn’t use your brakes as often, and as harshly, as you did, then they would last longer. 

Have Them Checked

When you check your car in for repairs or for servicing, you should have your brakes checked to see if they are wearing out or developing problems.

If they are wearing unevenly or poorly, then it may indicate another problem like a wheel balancing issue. 

Keep Your Car Lighter

If you keep things in your boot all the time, or you ride around with a bunch of unnecessary stuff in your car, then you are making your brakes work harder, and you are lowering your fuel efficiency.

Even something as simple as a moustache costs you an extra $5 per year, so think about if you really need to keep all your coats and gardening equipment in your boot all the time. 

Better Driving Means Better Brakes

The fact is that older drivers who have more experience are better able to judge the road.

They are able to figure out where there are going to be problems, and where they should take their foot off the accelerator before reaching a junction or stationary traffic.

Judge the road a little better, and you will use your brakes less. 

What do Tyres Have to do With Your Brakes? 

You don’t have to have buy brakes on the Gold Coast overly often if you take care of your car and your tyres.

Don’t forget that your tyres are just as much a part of the braking process as your brakes.

When you have keen tyres, your brakes feel and act more responsively.

Have a mechanic look at your brakes and your tyres at Best Drive

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