Gold Coast Wheels and Tyres

Oct 14, 2020 |

Everyone who owns a car needs new tyres at some point and Best Drive Helensvale provides quality car tyres. Available brands that we provide includes Toyo, Good Year, Hankook, Michelin, Firelli, Kumho Tyres, Falken and Continental. Our team of experts can fit brand new car tyres to any vehicle model and make and we ensure that you receive exceptional quality customer service to boot. We answer all your questions whether it be related to tyre brands, finding the right tyre, tyre rotations and balancing and punctures and repairs. We do wheel alignments and rotation of your tyres with outstanding workmanship. A vehicle’s wheel alignment can impact upon the tyres as well as the driving capability. Our expert team can align your wheels so that you can gain the best lifespan from them. If you require new tyres as well, we provide premium-quality new car tyres at a cost-effective price. We are renowned on the Gold Coast for car tyres and servicing and you won’t be disappointed in our service as a Gold Coast tyre shop. Additionally, for Gold Coast wheels and tyres, we provide a comprehensive range of wheel brands including CSA, ROH, Speedy Wheels, Enkei, OZ, Advanti, SSW and Allied Wheels. Furthermore, we conduct car servicing and mechanical repairs as well as work on brakes. We are a one stop shop for car requirements from repairs to car tyres.

How to Choose the Right Car Tyres

Choosing the right car tyres for your vehicle can be a minefield with so many brands available but there are a few considerations to factor in when selecting the car tyres. First and foremost, select the car tyres that match the type of vehicle that you drive. For example, if you drive an SUV ensure that you choose SUV car tyres. If you drive a sports vehicle, choose Gold Coast wheels and tyres that are ultra performance sports tyres. These might not suit the average hatchback though so be sure to choose correctly and if uncertain, ask questions and listen to the expert advice and recommendations we can make at Best Drive Helensvale. Another factor to consider is whether to stick with the original brand tyres of your vehicle or decide to purchase a new brand of car tyres. If you are satisfied with the way your car drives with the type of tyres on it, then settle on the same brand otherwise if you think you could gain better performance, try new car tyres of a different brand. Choosing the right car tyres in Helensvale also means selecting the right size for your vehicle. Find out the specifications from your manufacturer and you will see a combination of numbers and letters on your existing car tyres which will be similar to this: 165/55R17 94H. As a leading Gold Coast tyre shop, we can offer you advice on choosing the right car tyres for your make and model vehicle. If you are after tyre reliability, handling and comfort, ensure that you select tyres that offer these attributes. Additionally, select tyres that are durable and premium-quality. Budget tyres can work for a time and be affordable value for money but premium-quality car tyres offer better performance and driving. They are usually more durable and offer better grip on the road and can be quiet and smooth. Assessing your driving conditions is another factor to consider. Are you often in extreme heat or rainy weather? On the Gold Coast, we are lucky to be blessed with a significant amount of sunshine throughout the year so choosing car tyres that are durable and advantageous for summer months. Additionally, if you have an SUV, you might want all-terrain tyres so you can go off-road as well. It depends on your driving whether it is highways or off-road or simply the local roads.

Trust the Word of our Clientele

While we would like you to take our word for it that we offer exceptional quality service and premium-quality car tyres, why not take the word of our clientele too? We have plenty of Google reviews on our company and you can be confident in quality over quantity. Biju Mathew says ‘good service, helpful advice and reliable. Economical rates’ while Daniel Williamson reviewed us with ‘Stu and the team got my family and I out of a massive jam today on the way home from holidays, and couldn’t have been more helpful! So grateful for their above and beyond help! Thank you!!!’ Tony Segon knows how efficient and effective we can be with his review of ‘had a screw in my front tyre went in and spoke to the guy and he fixed my tyre straight away. Very nice customer service and I would highly recommend them’. Further to their testimonials, Joshua Paul says ‘have been going to Stuart and the guys for years. They are the best, always go that extra mile to help, highly recommend’. For car tyres and as a leading Gold Coast wheel and tyres shop, Best Drive Helensvale is highly-recommended for your car tyre and mechanical repairs needs.