Premium-quality Car Tyres

Nov 8, 2020 |

Whether you have a sedan, a ute, a four-wheel-drive, SUV or a wagon, Best Drive Helensvale can assist with brand new car tyres on the Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality customer service and premium-quality car tyres to suit any make and model. As a Gold Coast tyre shop, we also fit tyres to trucks and caravans. Brands that we offer include Toyo, Good Year, Hankook, Michelin, Firelli, Kumho Tyres, Falken and Continental. Whether you require new car tyres, tyre rotation, tyre balancing, punctures to be fixed or tyre repairs, Best Drive Helensvale can cater for your needs. We also perform wheel alignments so when it comes to choosing and caring for wheels and wheel alignments, you can’t go wrong with Best Drive Helensvale. The vehicle’s wheel alignment can influence the tyres and the push of them as well as the comfort of driving and the appearance of your car or truck. We supply a wide range of brands of car tyres and car batteries as well.

Wheel Alignments

For a quality wheel alignment, Best Drive Helensvale is the company to engage with. Proper wheel alignment is vital to gaining the best from your car tyres in terms of performance and having a safe and comfortable journey in your vehicle. You want a car that doesn’t pull to one side or vibrate and new car tyres or tyres that have had a wheel alignment improve upon fuel efficiency. A wheel alignment is not actually adjusting the car tyres or wheel but the vehicle’s suspension. There are several key components to a strong wheel alignment service that is effective: cater, camber, toe, thrust and ride height. Caster is the angle of the steering axis which is the part of the suspension that is supporting the wheel and car tyres. Camber refers to the inward or outward tilt of the car tyres and whether it is negative or positive. The camber adjustment optimises the tyre to road contact and takes into account the adjustment of force when a vehicle is turning. Toe is the term utilised for describing whether the front of the tyres are close or further apart than the rear of the car tyres. Toe depends on the type of vehicle as to whether it is front-wheel-drive or rear-wheel-drive or All-Wheel-Drive (AWD). Ride height is the reference point for all wheel alignments referring to the distance between the vehicle’s frame and the road. If you have a raised or lowered vehicle, it is wise to get a wheel alignment afterwards or if you put a taller or shorter car tyre on your vehicle. If your car tyres and wheel are not aligned, then the performance of your car tyres is affected. If you want more tread time or wear from your car tyres then it best to get misalignments rectified. If you have the incorrect camber setting, then you will find early signs of wear on the inside or outside shoulder of the car tyres. You might have the incorrect toe setting and find that your car tyres end up with feathered wear across the tread. Incorrect cater setting propels excessive shoulder wear on the car tyres while with unequal caster setting you will notice sharp pulling to one side. Unequal toe setting sets the scene for the same as unequal caster setting. Replacing car tyres is not always the answer so if you find that your car tyres have worn considerably, it might be best to take them to Best Drive Helensvale for a comprehensive assessment. Car tyres can take the brunt of a diverse range of issues and a worn suspension can cause a wheel alignment issue rather than the tyres themselves. It is always recommended to utilise a professional for replacing car tyres or performing a wheel alignment as misaligned tyres can cause a range of issues.

Quality Car Servicing

If you’re seeking a premium-quality car service in Helensvale, consider us as a renowned company with exceptional customer service delivery and quality car servicing. A vehicle service should be undertaken every ten thousand kilometres and aside from car tyres and wheel alignments, Best Drive Helensvale performs car servicing at a cost-effective affordable price. Things like an oil filter change, oil change, top up of fluids and changing the fuel filter and air filter are important for your service. Our suitably-qualified and experienced mechanics can perform a car servicing and provide new car tyres if required. You don’t want to miss your regular service as it is important to have your vehicle serviced on a regular basis every six months or ten thousand kilometres. Regular servicing helps keep your engine healthy and potentially avoid costly repairs down the track. Best drive Helensvale offers vehicle logbook servicing as well as new car tyres on the Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on outstanding workmanship and a logbook servicing that is second to none and doesn’t void your warranty. Book with Best Drive Helensvale today to see what we can achieve for you.