Why Choose Best Drive Helensvale?

Dec 8, 2020 |

As motor vehicle specialists who are extremely passionate about cars, we are even more passionate about our customers cars and ensuring their vehicle has access to the best wheels and tyres, servicing and car batteries. We pride ourselves on the wide range of tyres we offer to our customers. If you’re after a set of new car tyres Gold Coast-based, then look no further than Best Drive Helensvale as you’re guaranteed to find the right tyre for both your vehicle and lifestyle. The car tyre brands that we stock include Continental, Falken, Goodyear, Hankook, Kumho, Pirella, Michelin and Toyo. All tyre manufacturers that we have chosen to stock have been hand selected by our team based on their thorough knowledge on the safety, durability and value they provide to our customers. By stocking well known brands like these, you have likely heard of them before as they are known, trusted and reputable for some of the best tyres that can be purchased on the market for a consumer. By choosing Best Drive Helensvale you also get to benefit from the teams years of collective experience, this is something that sometimes just cannot be matched by other wheels and Tyres services. We continue to stay up to date with advancements in vehicle technologies, but despite our current offerings we still believe in that old fashioned service that is heavily customer orientated.

What to Look For In A Mechanic

During our time operating as mechanics and assisting our customers with all kinds of mechanical services including wheels and tyres we’ve been fortunate to see a wide range of issues brought into our workshop by our customers but also unfortunate to witness customers roll into our workshop with shonky servicing from either a home job or potentially another mechanic who missed the mark on mechanical issues with the customer’s car. After observing all kinds of disasters brought in by our customers over the years we remain passionate about wanting to ensure everyone out there gets the treatment their car deserves. At a high level, some things you should consider when choosing your next mechanic include assessing the quality of the mechanic equipment. In today’s day and age, vehicles continue to become more sophisticated so having only a few spanners and a car jack won’t cut it anymore. When you look around a good modern day mechanics workshop they should present well and you should be able to observe full suites of tools and computers for diagnostics on vehicles. A mechanic’s customer service can speak volumes about how seriously they take their job. Ideally you want to be working with a mechanic who is customer focused and will provide clear open lines of communication as they repair or service your vehicle. This is important as you always need communication from a mechanic so they can continue to update you on how much a service might cost as they come across parts that might require replacement. A mechanic and a supplier and installer of tyres Gold Coast-based, we take our responsibility as a mechanic very seriously and enjoy working on any vehicle that comes through our workshop.

Mechanical Services

Offering a mechanical service, Best Drive Helensvale can look at absolutely any issues you come in with. Whether you’re coming in for that routine service, or perhaps aspects of your vehicle require an overhaul, there is no job too big or too small for us. Supplying and fitting car tyres Gold Coast- based in our workshop is another area we specialise in too. After all, the component that is connecting your motor vehicle to the road are your wheels and tyres so it’s essential you get these things right for the safety of you, your family and all other motorists on the road. Our mechanical service abilities are extensive in that we have the skills needed to assess any vehicle faults in a timely manner and carry out repairs and services as required. Our customers enjoy the benefits of our workshop that is equipped with all the tools needed to carry out any repair or service along with our most up to date suite of diagnostics tools and computers that can assess all kinds of electrical and computer faults.