Choosing The Right Car For You

Jan 11, 2021 |

You might find the idea of buying a new car exciting, stressful, draining, a combination of all of these feelings, or something else entirely. Choosing the right car doesn’t have to cause concern or angst. We recommend taking the time to do some planning and research before you go out to do any inspections or test drives. If you just head out looking at cars without thinking through what you really need and want, you run the risk of buying something that isn’t going to be suitable in the long run. So, to begin with, write down some of the features you consider to be a necessity. It might be the type of transmission you want (automatic or manual), it might be the number of doors or essential features such as air conditioning or towing capability. The next big things to consider are size and fuel economy; how many people do you need to transport, and how far do you drive? You can go through a lot of car tyres in Gold Coast driving. Bigger cars are more comfortable if you are in them a lot, but, if you go for a bigger option, the fuel can be expensive! Be clear about your overall budget before you start looking. Plenty of times buyers have fallen in love with something out of their price range and spent more than they can really afford on an impulse. As you start to narrow down your options, hop online to do some research about availability, then go check and out any that fit the bill. When you are inspecting, make sure to ask if the car has been in any accidents, and ask to see the log book and service records. Don’t worry too much about superficial scratches or flat looking tyres, you can always get more tyres Gold Coast region from Best Drive Helensvale.

How To Look After Your Vehicle

Once you have finally acquired your new car, you don’t have to be a trained mechanic or tyres Gold Coast expert to take care of some of the basic maintenance of your vehicle. There are several things that you can do at home or at the garage that will keep your car running nicely in between its regular checkups and services. Regularly checking your oil level is simple and quick, and can help you prevent expensive issues. To test your oil, simply warm your engine, and use a clean dipstick to check the oil level. You should see the oil adhere to the stick between the low and high marking. Make sure you are using the correct oil for your car to refill as needed. The next thing to check is headlights and indicators. As a driver it’s hard to know if these critical communication tools are working or not. Globe bulbs do blow often, so check your lights regularly. It’s also important to keep your windshield clean, and your wiper blades nice and tight. If you need to refill wiper fluid, make sure you use the correct wiper cleaning product. If you need to replace parts or tyres Gold Coast area, source them from your local mechanic or dealer such as Best Drive Helensvale.

How To Care For Your Car Tyres

It makes sense to monitor and check up on your tyres as Gold Coast roads can be a little rough. Give them a visual inspection every few weeks. Look for little items that have become wedged between the treads, but only remove the object if it doesn’t appear to have pierced the tyre otherwise you’ll have a flat. Look for consistent wear across all the tyres and if you notice uneven patches you may need wheel realignment. Bald spots are an indicator your shocks are worn. Correct tyre pressure is critical for keeping your types performing properly. Tyres that have the correct pressure are less likely to blow out. Plus, tyres with correct pressure will have a longer lifespan, saving you money over the course of many years. Did you know that tyres with correct pressure will give you greater fuel efficiency, which is another cost saver that is easy to monitor and achieve for yourself? Regular rotation of tyres is also recommended, at least every six months or 10,000km. Rotation helps your vehicle to handle smoothly and spreads across all the tyres which gives better balance and traction. If you need help with your tyres Gold Coast and surrounds, contact the team at Best Drive Helensvale.